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ECCE 2009에 논문 17편 제출

2009.01.28 10:54

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ECCE 2009 (Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition 2009)에 논문 17편을 제출하였습니다.

1. Energy recovery circuit using an address voltage source for PDPs

2. A Simple and novel two phase interleaved LLC series resonant converter employing a phase of the resonant capacitor

3. A hold-up time compensation circuit for PWM front-end DC/DC converters

4. A New Separated Resonant Inductor Winding Method for Phase Shift Full Bridge Converter in Server Power System

5. Conduction loss reduction technique for a phase shift full bridge converter

6. Zero-Voltage Switching Post Regulation Scheme for Multi-output Forward Converter

7. A Real-time Digital Control for X-Y Channel Driving White LED Backlight System

8. Analysis and Design of LLC Resonant Converter Including Parasitic Components

9. Modularized Charge Equalizer with Intelligent Voltage Sensing Control for Lithium-Ion Batteries in an HEV

10. Individual Cell Voltage Equalizer Using Selective Two Current Paths for Series Connected Li-ion Battery Strings

11. Individual Charge Equalization Converter with Parallel Primary Winding of Transformer for Series Connected Lithium-Ion Battery strings in an HEV

12. New type DC/DC Converter 45W Single-Stage Adapters for Laptop Computers.

13. Analysis and Design of Two-Phase Interleaved LLC Resonant Converter Considering Load Sharing.

14. ZVS Phase Shift Full Bridge Converter with Separated Primary Winding

15. Adaptive Link Capacitor Voltage Variation Control Method for Server Power Supply

16. High Efficient Half-bridge Converter with Balanced Component Stress

17. Current boosted active clamp forward converter without output filter