No Title Author Publication Venue
245 [2007] Digital Power Amplifier for Generating Reset and Scan Driving Waveforms of AC PDP Seong-Wook Choi, Woo-Jin Lee, Gun-Woo Moon  IDW '07  Sapporo, Japan 
244 [2005] A Study on High Frequency Sustaining Driver for Improving Luminance Efficiency of AC-PDP file Seong-Wook Choi, Sang-Kyoo Han, Gun-Woo Moon, Hak-Cheol Yang, Yoon-Hyoung Cho  PESC’05  Recife, Brazil 
243 [2007] Cost Effective Multi-Level Single Sustaining Driver with Dual Energy Recovery Paths for AC PDP Seong-Wook Choi, Kang-Hyun Yi, Gun-Woo Moon  IDW '07  Sapporo, Japan 
242 [2009] Two-Stage AC/DC Converter Employing Load-Adaptive Link-Voltage-Adjusting Technique with Load Power Estimator for Notebook Computer Adaptor file Seong-Wook Choi, Byoung-Woo Ryu and Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE '09  San Jose, California, USA 
241 [2006] Cost Effective Single Energy Recovery Circuit for Plasma Display Panel with Asymmetrical Recovery Operation file Seong-Wook Choi and Gun-Woo Moon  PESC'06  Jeju, Korea 
240 [2010] Zero-voltage switching flyback-boost converter with voltage-doubler rectifier for high step-up applications file Seong, Hyun-Wook; Kim, Hyoung-Suk; Park, Ki-Bum; Moon, Gun-Woo; Youn, Myung-Joong  ECCE '10  Atlanta, USA 
239 [2010] Digital load share controller design of paralleled phase-shifted full-bridge converters referencing the highest current file Seong, Hyun-Wook, Cho, Je-Hyung; Moon, Gun-Woo; Youn, Myung-Joong  ECCE '10  Atlanta, USA 
238 [2008] Switching Mode Power Amplifier to Efficiently Generating Driving Waveforms for Flexible Photo luminescent Displays Seong Wook Choi and Gun-Woo Moon  ICMAP '08  Jeju, Korea 
237 [2012] An interleaved single-stage flyback AC-DC converter with wide output power range for outdoor LED lighting system file SangCheol Moon; Gwan-Bon Koo; Gun-Woo Moon  APEC '12  Orlando, Florida 
236 [2015]Wireless power transfer system with an asymmetric 4-coil resonator for electric vehicle battery chagers file SangCheol Moon, Gun-Woo Moon  APEC  Charlotte, NC