KAIST Power Electronics Lab.

Renewable energy



Currently, there are several pieces of research to reduce nuclear and coal power generation at home and abroad and to expand renewable energy generation. However, the energy efficiency of renewable energy such as solar power is very low and there is a lot of power loss until it is transmitted to the system. In order to produce the required amount of power with renewable energy, the energy efficiency of the entire system must be high, and the high efficiency of the power conversion system that links each element is indispensable. 


With a high-efficiency power conversion system, it is possible to produce much more power with less power generation facilities. However, it is difficult to design a power conversion system with high efficiency because the output characteristic of the renewable energy is very fluctuating and has low voltage, and development through the existing Si-based device is also limited. Therefore, it is necessary to study a new power conversion circuit and a control method suitable for renewable energy to solve this problem.