KAIST Power Electronics Lab.

Wireless power & data transmission


Post-tensioning tendon measures a weight of the traffic on a bridge. However, as the PT tendon locates inside the concrete, it disturbs an accurate measurement in actual case. As a result, there are many cases to tear down the bridge earlier than expected expiration. Also, an erroneous information often causes a collapse of the bridge. Tension-monitoring eddy current sensor with wireless power transfer system enables the exact measurement of the tension in the bridge. And due to the wireless system, maintenance of the sensor is easy and permanent in contradistinction to a conventional technology.


Wireless power generation


Smart factory is emerging trend for many plants because it enables easy maintenance and management with automated system. To facilitate the smart factory, many sensors and network infrastructures should be preceded to collect and analyze enormous data. However, many power equipment of sensor network such as large battery, power supply, and cables limits the space and cost in the smart factory. On the other hand, powerless sensor network can be adopted to any plants because it harvests the magnetic flux from the AC-line of the factory to obtain a power for sensor node. Also, by measuring the current flowing through the AC-line, it can prevent the conflagration caused by overcurrent.