No Title Author Publication Venue
37 [1997] Modelling and Space Vector Predictive Current Control of Three-Phase High Power Factor PWM Rectifier Gun-Woo Moon and Jin-Boo Choo  '97 Fall Conference  속초 설악한화리조트 
36 [2004] PDP Power Electronics Technology Gun-Woo Moon  KIPE Spring Conference   
35 [2005] High Performance and High Efficiency PDP Drive and Power Systems Gun-Woo Moon  Next Generation PDP New Technology Workshop2005   
34 [2004] Novel Single-Stage Power Factor Correction AC/DC Converter with Low DC Link Voltage using New Magnetic Feedback Technique file Eun-Suk Choi, Hyun-Ki Yoon, Chong-Eun Kim, Gun-Woo Moon and Myung-Joong Youn  KIPE Annual Conference  단양 대명콘도 
33 [2006] Transformer-less CCFL Driver for LCD Backlight file Eun-Seok Choi, Hyun-Ki Yoon, Gun-Woo Moon, and Myung-Joong Youn  KIPE Annual Conference  Jeju, Korea 
32 [1994] New Isolated Zero Voltage Switching PWM Boost Converter file Eun Jin Cho, Gun-Woo Moon, Young Seok Jung, and Myung Joong Youn  '94 KIEE Summer Conference  Korea 
31 [2009] Variable Link Voltage Control Method for High Efficiency Server Power Supply file Duk-You Kim, Young-Do Kim, Kyu-Min Cho, Gun-Woo Moon  KIPE Annual Conference  Gyeongju, Korea, 
30 [2008] A New Frequency Controlled Half-bridge Converter with Hold-up Time Extension Circuit file Duk-You Kim, Jea-Kuk Kim, Woo-Jin Lee and Gun-Woo Moon  KIPE Annual Conference  Hwasun, Korea 
29 [2011] 낮은 높이의 변압기를 이용한 고효율 슬림 아답터 file Duk-You Kim, Gun-Woo Moon  KIPE Annual Conference  예산 스파캐슬 
28 [2018]정지궤도 위성에 적합한 높은 효율 및 작은 출력 전류 리플을 갖는 Weinberg 컨버터 Dong-Kwan Kim, Nayoung Lee, Jeong-Eon Park, Gun-Woo Moon  2018 KIPE Annual Conference  웰리힐리파크, 횡성