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201 [2017] A new LLC resonant converter with resonant frequency change for high conversion efficiency and high power density Cheol-O Yeon, Moo-Hyun Park, Seung-Hwan Ko, Cheon-Yong Lim, Yu-Jin Jang, Gun-Woo Moon, Feel-Soon Kang  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
200 [2017] A zero-voltage-switching dual boost power factor correction rectifier with active clamp circuit having minimized conduction losses Yeonho Jeong, Jin-Sik Part, Jae-Kuk Kim, Cheon-Yong Lim, Moo-Hyun Park, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
199 [2017] A simple THD improving method for CCM boost PFC converter under mixed conduction mode operation Jung-Kyu Han, Jae-Il Baek, Yeonho Jeong, Cheol-O Yeon, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
198 [2017] An improved current compensation method for high PF and low THD in digital boost power factor corrector Moo-Hyun Park, Cheol-O Yeon, Jae-Il Baek, Yeonho Jeong, Gun-Woo Moon, Jin-Sik Park  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
197 [2017] Phase leading input capacitor compensation using variable inductor with high efficiency in a CRM boost PFC Cheon-Yong Lim, Yeonho Jeong, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
196 [2017] Novel multi-coil resonator design for wireless power transfer through reinforced concrete structure with rebar array Yujin Jang, Jung-Kyu Han, Jae-Il Baek, Gun-Woo Moon, Ji-Min Kim, Hoon Sohn  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
195 [2017] PWM half-bridge zeta converter utilizing resonant technique for reduced peak current Jae-Il Baek, Jeong-Soo Lee, Keon-Woo Kim, Jung-Kyu Han, Gun-Woo Moon, Jae-Bum Lee, Byoung-Hee Lee  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
194 [2018]Circulating Current-less Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converter With New Rectifier Structure Jung-Kyu Han, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia 2018  Niigata, Japan 
193 [2018]A Zero-Voltage-Switching Totem-pole Bridgeless Boost Power Factor Correction Rectifier having Minimized Conduction Losses Young-Dal Lee, Chong-Eun Kim, Jae-Il Baek, Dong-Kwan Kim, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia 2018  Niigata, Japan 
192 [2018]A High-Efficiency Power Supply from Magnetic Energy Harvesters Cheon-Yong Lim, Yeonho Jeong, Keon-Woo Kim, Feel-Soon Kang, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia 2018  Niigata, Japan