No Title Author Publication Venue
75 [2009] High Efficient Multi-level Half-bridge Converter file I. H. Cho, K. H, Lee, G. W. Moon  IPEMC '09  Wuhan, China 
74 [2012] Design on Topologies for High Efficiency Two-Stage AC-DC Converter file Jeong-Eon Park, Jong-Woo Kim, Byoung-Hee Lee, Gun-Woo Moon  IPEMC '12  Harbin, China 
73 [2012] Boost Integrated Flyback AC-DC Converter with Valley Fill Circuit for LED Light Bulb file Jun-Ho Kim, Dae-Youn Cho, Ju-Pyo Hong, Gun-Woo Moon  IPEMC '12  Harbin, China 
72 [2012] Zero-Voltage-Switching Totem-Pole Bridgeless Boost Rectifier with Reduced Reverse-Recovery Problem for Power Factor Correction file Jae-Hyun Kim, Jae-Kuk Kim, Gun-Woo Moon  IPEMC '12  Harbin, China 
71 [2012] Series Input Parallel Output Interleaved Flyback Converter with Regenerative Leakage Inductance Energy file Jong-Woo Kim, Il-Oun Lee, Ki-Bum Park, Gun-Woo Moon  IPEMC '12  Harbin, China 
70 [2006] ZVZCS Full-Bridge PWM Converter Using the Output Voltage Hyun-Ki Yoon, Sang-Kyoo Han, Eun-Seok Choi Gun-Woo Moon and Myung-Joong Youn  IPEMC2006  China 
69 [2013] Constant current charging in series-series compensated non-radiative wireless power link file Shin-Young Cho, Il-Oun Lee SangCheol Moon, Gun-Woo Moon, Bong-Chul Kim, Ki Young Kim  ISCAS '13  Beijing, China 
68 [2004] New Phase Shift Full Bridge Converter with Wide ZVS Ranges and Low Conduction Losses file Gwan-Bon Koo, Tae-Sung Kim, Gun-Woo Moon, and Myung-Joong Youn  ISIE '04  France 
67 [1993] Modeling and Predictive Current Control Technique for Zero-Current Switched High Power Factor Rectifier Gun Woo Moon, Byeong Rim Jo, Hee Wook Ann, and Myung Joong Youn  ISIE '93  Budapest, Hungary 
66 [2016]Half bridge LLC resonant converter with high voltage gain for single-phase AC/DC power system file Yeonho Jeong; Jae-Il Baek; Jaewon Choi; Gun-Woo Moon  ITEC Asia-Pacific  Busan