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25 [2006] A New PWM-controlled Quasi-Resonant Converter for High Efficiency PDP Sustaining Power Module file Woo-Jin Lee, Seong-Wook Choi, Chong-Eun Kim, and Gun-Woo Moon  PESC'06  Jeju, Korea 
24 [2005] Comparative Study on Sinusoidal and Square Wave Driving Methods of EEFL (External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp) for LCD TV Backlight file Y. J. Lee, W. S. Oh, S. S. Lee, K. M. Cho, G. W. Moon, M. S. Park, S. G. Lee*, M. G. Kim  IDW '05  Takamatsu, Japan 
23 [2005] Comparative Study on Sinusoidal and Square Wave Driving Methods of EEFL(External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp) for LCD TV Backlight file Yeong-Jae Lee, Won-Sik Oh, Sung-Sae Lee, Gun-Woo Moon  PESC’05  Recife, Brazil 
22 [2017]Analysis on half-bridge LLC resonant converter by using variable inductance for high efficiency and power density server power supply Yeonho Jeong, Jae-Kuk Kim, Gun-Woo Moon  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.  Florida, USA 
21 [2017] A zero-voltage-switching dual boost power factor correction rectifier with active clamp circuit having minimized conduction losses Yeonho Jeong, Jin-Sik Part, Jae-Kuk Kim, Cheon-Yong Lim, Moo-Hyun Park, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
20 [2015]A strategic control scheme of phase-shift full bridge converter for improving light-load efficiency in server power system file Yeonho Jeong, Jong-Woo Kim, Cheon-Yong Lim, Dong-Kwan Kim, Jae-Il Baek, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Seoul 
19 [2018]High Voltage Gain Interleaved Active-Clamp Forward (IACF) Converter having Reduced Primary Conduction Loss Yeonho Jeong, Mu-hyun Park, Gun-Woo Kim, Byoung-hee Lee, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia 2018  Niigata, Japan 
18 [2013] Unexpected bi-directional operation of Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter in parallel operation system file Yeonho Jeong, Shin-Young Cho, Duk-You Kim, Gun-Woo Moon, Chong-Eun Kim  ECCE Aisa DownUnder '13  melbourne, Australia 
17 [2016]Asymmetric half-bridge resonant converter having a reduced conduction loss for DC/DC power systems with a low input voltage file Yeonho Jeong; Jae-Bum Lee; Cheol-O Yeon; Cheon-Yong Lim; Jung-Kyu Han; Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Hefei, China 
16 [2016]Half bridge LLC resonant converter with high voltage gain for single-phase AC/DC power system file Yeonho Jeong; Jae-Il Baek; Jaewon Choi; Gun-Woo Moon  ITEC Asia-Pacific  Busan