No Title Author Publication Venue
209 [2013] Unexpected bi-directional operation of Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter in parallel operation system file Yeonho Jeong, Shin-Young Cho, Duk-You Kim, Gun-Woo Moon, Chong-Eun Kim  ECCE Aisa DownUnder '13  melbourne, Australia 
208 [2012] Series Input Parallel Output Interleaved Flyback Converter with Regenerative Leakage Inductance Energy file Jong-Woo Kim, Il-Oun Lee, Ki-Bum Park, Gun-Woo Moon  IPEMC '12  Harbin, China 
207 [2012] Zero-Voltage-Switching Totem-Pole Bridgeless Boost Rectifier with Reduced Reverse-Recovery Problem for Power Factor Correction file Jae-Hyun Kim, Jae-Kuk Kim, Gun-Woo Moon  IPEMC '12  Harbin, China 
206 [2012] Boost Integrated Flyback AC-DC Converter with Valley Fill Circuit for LED Light Bulb file Jun-Ho Kim, Dae-Youn Cho, Ju-Pyo Hong, Gun-Woo Moon  IPEMC '12  Harbin, China 
205 [2012] Design on Topologies for High Efficiency Two-Stage AC-DC Converter file Jeong-Eon Park, Jong-Woo Kim, Byoung-Hee Lee, Gun-Woo Moon  IPEMC '12  Harbin, China 
204 [2012] An interleaved single-stage flyback AC-DC converter with wide output power range for outdoor LED lighting system file SangCheol Moon; Gwan-Bon Koo; Gun-Woo Moon  APEC '12  Orlando, Florida 
203 [2012] Two-stage Configuration for 60W Universal-line AC-DC Adapter Shin-Young Cho, Il-Oun Lee, Jeong-Eon Park, Gun-Woo Moon  IECON '12  Montreal, Canada 
202 [2012] Graphical Small-Signal Modeling Based on the Inductor Waveform Shin-Young Cho, Il-Oun Lee, Gun-Woo Moon  IECON '12  Montreal, Canada 
201 [2012] Switched Capacitor with Chain Structure for Cell-Balancing of Lithium-ion Batteries Moon-Young Kim, Chol-Ho Kim, Jun-Ho Kim, Duk-You Kim, Gun-Woo Moon  IECON '12  Montreal, Canada 
200 [2012] Phase-Shifted Dual H-Bridge Converter with a Wide ZVS Range and Reduced Output Filter Il-Oun Lee, Shin-Young Cho, Gun-Woo Moon  IECON '12  Montreal, Canada