No Title Author Publication Venue
75 [1997] New Push-Pull Quantum Series Resonant Rectifier without Start-Up Inrush Current file Gun-Woo Moon, Yeong-Han Kim, and Myung-Joong Youn  APEC '97  Atlanta, U.S.A 
74 [1995] Performance Comparison of Interleaved Active Clamp ZVS Forward Converter and Interleaved ZVS Half Bridge Converter for Modular Power Processo Gun-Woo Moon, In-Cheol Baik, Kyeong-Hwa Kim, Jun-Young Lee and Myung-Joong Youn  ICPE '95  Seoul, Korea 
73 [1995] Simple Low Power Level Power Supply file Gun-Woo Moon, Chung-Wook Roh, Kyeong-Hwa Kim, Young-Seok Jung and Myung-Joong Youn  IECON '95  Olrando, USA 
72 [1998] Predictive Current Control of Distribution Static Condenser (D-STATCON) for Reactive Power Compensation in Flexible AC Transmission System file Gun-Woo Moon and Suk-Ho Yoon  PESC '98  Fukuoka, Japan 
71 [2004] A New Family of High Efficiency ZVS PWM Converter without Output Filter Gun-Woo Moon and Sang-Kyoo Han  The German-Korean Symposium 2004  Aachen, Germany 
70 [1993] Quantum Series Resonant Inverter for a DC Motor Drive Gun Woo Moon, Jung Ho Ko, Hyun Chil Choi, and Myung Joong Youn  TENCON '93  Beijing, China 
69 [1993] Dynamic Modeling and Predictive Current Control Technique for New Parallel Resonant Zero-Voltage Switching AC to DC Converter file Gun Woo Moon, Jae Won Ham, Jong Sun Ko, and Myung Joong Youn  PCC '93  Yokohama, Japan 
68 [1993] Modeling and Predictive Current Control Technique for Zero-Current Switched High Power Factor Rectifier Gun Woo Moon, Byeong Rim Jo, Hee Wook Ann, and Myung Joong Youn  ISIE '93  Budapest, Hungary 
67 [1993] Improved Predictive Current Control Technique for a Zero Current Switched Buck Boost Series Resonant Inverter file Gun Woo Moon, Byeong Rim Jo, Hee Wook Ahn, and Myung Joong Youn  IECON '93  Hawaii, USA 
66 [2007] A Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Driving Circuit without a Transformer for Liquid Crystal Display Backlight Unit file Eun-Seok Choi, Je-Hyung Cho, Hyun-Ki Yoon, Gun-Woo Moon, and Myung-Joong Youn  ICPE '07  Daegu, Korea