No Title Author Publication Venue
25 [2018]A High-Efficiency Power Supply from Magnetic Energy Harvesters Cheon-Yong Lim, Yeonho Jeong, Keon-Woo Kim, Feel-Soon Kang, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia 2018  Niigata, Japan 
24 [2017] Phase leading input capacitor compensation using variable inductor with high efficiency in a CRM boost PFC Cheon-Yong Lim, Yeonho Jeong, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
23 [2019]Hybrid DC-DC Converter Using Center-Tapped Clamp Circuit in Wide Range of High Output Voltage Cheon-Yong Lim, Ki-Mok Kim, Dongmin Kim, Tae-Woo Kim, Gun-Woo Moon  2019 10th International Conference on Power Electronics and ECCE Asia (ICPE 2019-ECCE Asia)  Busan, Korea 
22 [2019]Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter With High Efficiency and Reduced Output Filter Using Center-Tapped Clamp Circuit Cheon-Yong Lim, Jung-Kyu Han, Moo-Hyun Park, Keon-Woo Kim, Gun-Woo Moon  2019 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC)  Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, USA 
21 [2016] Bode plot and impedance asymptotes for light-load regulation of LLC series resonant converter file Cheol-O. Yeon; Jong-Woo Kim; Moo-Hyun Park; Yu-Jin Jang; Cheon-Yong Lim; Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Hefei, China 
20 [2012] Design of Series Input Parallel Output Interleaved Flyback Converter for 75W AC-DC Adapter Cheol-O Yeon, Sang-Cheol Moon, Bong-Chul Kim, Jae-Bum Lee, Gun-Woo Moon  VPPC '12  Seoul, Korea 
19 [2017] A new LLC resonant converter with resonant frequency change for high conversion efficiency and high power density Cheol-O Yeon, Moo-Hyun Park, Seung-Hwan Ko, Cheon-Yong Lim, Yu-Jin Jang, Gun-Woo Moon, Feel-Soon Kang  ECCE Asia  Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
18 [2015]Digital implementation of optimal SR ON-time control and asymmetric duty control in LLC resonant converter file Cheol-O Yeon, Dong Kwan Kim, Jae-Bum Lee, Jong-Woo Kim, Cheon-Yong Lim, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Seoul 
17 [2005] New LLC Resonant Converter with Multiple Outputs for High Efficiency and Low Cost PDP Power Module C.-E. Kim, K.-H. Yi, S.-W. Choi, G.-W. Moon, D.-W. Kim*, K.-I. Oh*, N.-S. Jung*, K.-S. Lee  IDW '05  Takamatsu, Japan 
16 [2016] A high power density and power factor cascade buck-boost PFC under expanded high line voltage file Byung-Gu Kang; Chong-Eun Kim; Jae-Il Baek; Dong-Kwan Kim; Gun-Woo Moon  ITEC Asia-Paicfic  Busan