No Title Author Publication Venue
131 [2007] A New- Half Bridge Converter without DC Offset of Magnetizing Current file Kyu-Min Cho, Won-Sik Oh, Keun-Wook Lee, Gun-Woo Moon  ICPE'07  Daegu, Korea 
130 [2007] A New PWM-Controlled Quasi-Resonant Converter for High Efficiency PDP Sustaining Power Module file Woo Jin Lee, Duk You Kim, Chong Eun Kim, Gun Woo Moon  ICPE'07  Daegu, Korea 
129 [2007] Comparative Study on a Single Energy Recovery Circuit with Dividing Energy Recovery Path for Plasma Display Panels (PDPs) file Kang-Hyun Yi, Seong-Wook Choi, In-Ho Cho, Gun-Woo Moon  ICPE'07  Daegu, Korea 
128 [2007] Start-up In-rush Current Reduction Technique of Asymmetrical Half-Bridge DC/DC Converter for PC Power Supply file Jae-Kuk Kim, Sung-Sae Lee, Won-Sik Oh, Jung-Eun Kim, Gun-Woo Moon, Chang-Hyun Gil, and Ja-Ryong Cho  ICPE'07  Daegu, Korea 
127 [2007] A New Single-Stage PFC AC/DC Converter with Voltage-Doubler Rectified Asymmetric Half-Bridge Converter file Byoung-Hee Lee, Chong-Eun Kim, Ki-Bum Park, Gun-Woo Moon  ICPE'07  Daegu, Korea 
126 [2007] Charge Equalization Converter with Parallel Primary Windings for Series Connected Lithium-Ion Battery Strings in a HEV file Chol-Ho Kim, Hong-Sun Park, Chong-Eun Kim, Gun-Woo Moon, Joong-Hui Lee, Jeon Keun Oh  ICPE'07  Daegu, Korea 
125 [2007] Current Stress Minimizing Control Scheme for Power Factor Correction (PFC) Boost Pre-regulator file Hee-Chul Lee, Chon-Eun Kim, Hong-Sun Park, Ki-Bum Park, Gun-Woo Moon  ICPE'07  Daegu, Korea 
124 [2004] High Performance and Low Cost Single Switch Energy Recovery Display Driver for AC Plasma Display Panel file Sang-Kyoo Han, Gun-Woo Moon and Myung-Joong Youn  ICPE’04  Busan, Korea 
123 [2004] Novel Single-Stage Power Factor Correction AC/DC Converter with Low DC Link Voltage using New Magnetic Feedback Technique file Eun-Seok Choi, Hyun-Ki Yoon, Chung-Eun Kim, Gun-Woo Moon, and Myung-Joong Youn  ICPE’04  Busan, Korea 
122 [2004] Zero-Voltage Switching Two-transformer Full-bridge PWM Converter with Lossless Diode-Clamp Rectifier file Hyun-Ki Yoon, Sang-Kyoo Han, Jin-Sik Park, Gun-Woo Moon, Myung-Joong Youn  ICPE’04  Busan, Korea