No Title Author Publication Venue
254 [2015]A high efficiency half-bridge LLC converter with simple hold-up compensation circuit file Jae-Bum Lee, Jae-Il Baek, Han-Shin Youn, Cheol-O Yeon, Cheon-Young Lim, Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE Asia  Seoul 
253 [1993] New Linearized Output Voltage Control Techniques for High Frequency Quantum Boost SRCs file Byeong Rim Jo, Hee Wook Ahn, Gun Woo Moon, Hyun Chil Choi, and Myung Joong Youn  PESC '93  Seattle, USA 
252 [2007] Cost Effective Multi-Level Single Sustaining Driver with Dual Energy Recovery Paths for AC PDP Seong-Wook Choi, Kang-Hyun Yi, Gun-Woo Moon  IDW '07  Sapporo, Japan 
251 [2007] Digital Power Amplifier for Generating Reset and Scan Driving Waveforms of AC PDP Seong-Wook Choi, Woo-Jin Lee, Gun-Woo Moon  IDW '07  Sapporo, Japan 
250 [2007] A Novel X-Y Channel Driving Method with Balanced Channel Current for LED Backlight System of LCD TV Kyu-Min Cho, Won-Sik Oh, Dae-Youn Cho, Gun-Woo Moon  IDW '07  Sapporo, Japan 
249 [2007] Optimized Dimming Algorithm for X-Y Channel Driving LED Backlight System in LCD TVs' D. Y. Cho, W. S. Oh, K. M. Cho, G. W. Moon, B. C. Yang, T. S. Jang  IDW '07  Sapporo, Japan 
248 [2009] Zero-Voltage Switching Post Regulation Scheme for Multi-output Forward Converter with Synchronous Switches file Jae-Kuk Kim, Seong-Wook Choi and Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE '09  San Jose, California, USA 
247 [2009] Load Sharing Characteristic of Two-Phase Interleaved LLC Resonant Converter with Parallel and Series Input Structure file Bong-Chul Kim, Ki-Bum Park, Chong-Eun Kim and Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE '09  San Jose, California, USA 
246 [2009] A Simple and novel two phase interleaved LLC series resonant converter employing a phase of the resonant capacitor file Kang-Hyun Yi, Bong-Chul Kim and Gun-Woo Moon  ECCE '09  San Jose, California, USA 
245 [2009] High-Power-Density Three-phase Converter Utilizing a Balanced-Flux Transformer Core file Jacobo Aguillon-Garcia, Gun-Woo Moon, Ki-Beoum Park and Bong-Chul Kim  ECCE '09  San Jose, California, USA