KAIST Power Electronics Lab.

[ECCE ASIA 2017]



연철오 박사과정 - A New LLC Resonant Converter with Resonant Frequency Change for High Conversion Efficiency and High Power Density



백재일 박사과정 - PWM Half-Bridge Zeta Converter Utilizing Resonant Technique for Reduced Peak Current



한정규 박사과정 - A Simple THD Improving Method for CCM Boost PFC Converter in Light Load Condition



이영달 박사과정 - A Zero Voltage Switching Dual Boost Power Factor Correction Rectifier with Active Clamp Circuit Having Minimized Conduction Losses


장유진 박사과정 - 'Novel Multi-Coil Resonator Design for Wireless Power Transfer through Reinforced Concrete Structure with Rebar Array'


임천용 박사과정 - Phase Leading Input Capacitor Compensation using a Variable Inductor with High Efficiency in a CRM Boost PFC



박무현 박사과정 - An Improved Current Compensation Method for High PF and Low THD in Digital Boost Power Factor Corrector



이정수 석사과정 - Three-Switch LLC Resonant Converter for High Efficiency Adapter With Universal Input Voltage




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