KAIST Power Electronics Lab.

[2009] ECCE 2009; San Jose, California - 최다 논문

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Energy recovery circuit using an address voltage source for PDPs

A Simple and novel two phase interleaved LLC series resonant converter employing a phase of the resonant capacitor

A hold-up time compensation circuit for PWM front-end DC/DC converters

High-Power-Density Three-phase Converter Utilizing a Balanced-Flux Transformer Core

Zero-Voltage Switching Dual Inductor-fed DC-DC Converter for High Power Step-up Applications

Two-Stage AC/DC Converter Employing Load-Adaptive Link-Voltage-Adjusting Technique with Load Power Estimator for Notebook Computer Adaptor

ZVS Phase Shift Full Bridge Converter with Separated Primary Winding (SPW)

A New Separated Resonant-Inductor Winding Phase Shift Full Bridge Converter for Server Power System

Current boosted active clamp forward converter without output filter

Zero-Voltage Switching Post Regulation Scheme for Multi-output Forward Converter with Synchronous Switches

A New Two-Switch Flyback Battery Equalizer with Low Voltage Stress on the Switches

Analysis and Design of LLC Resonant Converter considering Rectifier Voltage Oscillation

Analysis and Design of Two-Phase Interleaved LLC Resonant Converter Considering Load Sharing

Individual Cell Voltage Equalizer Using Selective Two Current Paths for Series Connected Li-ion Battery Strings

Isolated ZVS Two-Transformer Boost Converter

Load Sharing Characteristic of Two-Phase Interleaved LLC Resonant Converter with Parallel and Series Input Structure
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