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2008.02.18 13:56

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1. Author(s): Kyu-Min Cho, Won-Sik Oh, Keun-Wook Lee and Gun-Woo Moon

    Title: A New Half Bridge Converter for PC Power Supply

2. Author(s): Kang-Hyun Yi and Gun-Woo Moon

    Title: Improved Dual-path Energy Recovery Circuit (ERC) Using a Current Source and a Voltage Source for High Resolution and Large-sized Plasma Display Panels (PDPs)

3. Author(s): Woo-Jin Lee, Ki-Bum Park, Tae-Won Heo, and Gun-Woo Moon

    Title: Output Inductor Less Phase Shift Full Bridge Converter with Current Stress Reduction Technique for Server Power Application

4. Author(s): Jae-Kuk Kim, Won-Sik Oh and Gun-Woo Moon

    Title: A Novel Two-Switch Active Clamp Foward Converter for High Input Voltage Applications

5.  Author(s): Byoung-Hee Lee, Chong-Eun Kim, Ki-Bum Park and Gun-Woo Moon

Title: A New Single-Stage PFC AC/DC Converter with Analysis of Link Capacitor Voltage

6. Author(s): Chol-Ho Kim, Hong-Sun Park, Gun-Woo MoonJoong-Hui Lee and Jeon Keun Oh

Title: A Modularized Two-Stage Charge Equalization Converter for Series Connected Lithium-Ion Battery Strings in an HEV

7. Author(s): Young-Do Kim, Ki-Bum Park, Chong-Eun Kim and Gun-Woo Moon

    Title: Band-Gap Reference Voltage Control Strategy for Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle