KAIST Power Electronics Lab.

Server power supply


Data center is an assemblage of a huge number of server computers. Server power supply is a device that converts the commercial AC power to DC power as required by the server computer. Since the amount of electricity consumed in data center remarkably increased with a dramatically increasing number of electronic devices, the power conversion efficiency in the server power supply has become a very important issue. Recently, a high power density is also becoming important for a compact size.

Server power supply is mainly composed of 3 stages : PFC stage, DC/DC converter stage, and Standby stage. For each stage, a high efficiency and a high power density is required.
For various specifications, there are different design points to achieve the requirements. To improve performance, we suggest a new topology or a new control scheme. To implement various control scheme, we also utilize MCU for digital control. We have been working on this sever power supply area over 10 years and achieved some world-class performances.





The ever-present trend of reducing the size and weight of the portable data-processing equipment has created new challenges to the design of their power systems. Among these power systems, adaptors for laptop application are required to have power density in excess of 5W/in3 and average efficiency above 85% as many consumers prefer small-size devices and some countries make energy efficiency regulation to save money and protect environment.

To increase the power density with high efficiency is the key point for this subject. We have cooperated with Samsung Electronics and contributed for sales to Apple company.