No Title Author Date of Patent
3 [US 2012-0155119] POWER CONVERTER INTEGRATED WITH FLYBACK CONVERTER file Chong Eun Kim, Jae Kuk Kim, Gun Woo Moon, Shin Young Cho  2012.06.21 
2 [미국][등록][US 9515563 B2] Power module and distributed power supply apparatus having the same file Chong Eun Kim, Don Sik Kim, Jong Woo Kim, Duk You Kim, Gun Woo Moon, Dong Jin Park  2016.12.06 
1 [미국][등록][US 9608471 B2] Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission file Bong, Chul Kim, Sang Wook Kwon, Ki Young Kim, Nam Yun Kim, Gun Woo Moon, Sang Cheol Moon, Chi Hyung Ahn, Shin Young Cho  2017.03.28